Pediatric Dentistry

Healthy teeth from the start!

You know as parents how important the early and regular provision of your child’s dental health is. Therefore, we care that the dentist visit runs without anxiety for the youngest and is relaxed for you as the parents.

The optimal time for the first dentist visit is ideally when the first baby teeth come in. Starting then, dental hygiene also begins to be introduced. This dentist visit is still unfamiliar for the children. Next to medical professional expertise is above all pure instinct, empathy and patience required. All the same, pure provision or about a necessary treatment: As a result, we proceed with child-oriented approach.

We like to establish in your child a foundation for healthy and strong teeth by reinforcing his or her awareness for oral health.

Also we build trust for children who are very fearful. We take your child carefully by the hand and gradually lead him/her towards dental care. Your child should come out of our practice with a good feeling: “A dentist visit is hardly anything bad at all and is fun!”

Our goal is that your child obtains their healthy smile.

Our treatment spectrum

  • Professional prophylaxis (precaution)
  • Nutrition counseling and dental cleaning school
  • Dental sealants
  • Fillings
  • Children’s crowns
  • Baby teeth root canal procedures
  • Placeholders
  • Orthodontic advice
  • Surgical distances and orthopedic jaw denudation (see Oral Surgery)

Supervision Martin-Luther-Kinderhaus and Kinderhaus Katharina von Bora and Mittelschule Herzogenaurach and Grund- und Mittelschule Liebfrauenhaus Herzogenaurach

In addition to our general range of treatments, we also take care of the Martin-Luther-Kinderhaus and the Kinderhaus Katharina von Bora an the Mittelschule Herzogenaurach and the Grund- und Mittelschule Liebfrauenhaus Herzogenaurach in dental medicine. Supported by the LAGZ (Bayerische Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Zahngesundheit e.V.), we teach here learning contents on "oral health" and implement a group prophylaxis. Through regular visits to the Kinderhäuser and the Scools, we come into contact with the children and can clarify and develop all questions about the topic dental health with them. Together with the LAGZ we also support the campaign "Aktion Seelöwe".

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