CEREC is the shortened name for CERamic REConstruction and stands for a high-tech dental CAD/CAM system for manufacturing completely ceramic restorations. This system allows for ceramic inlays and partial crowns to be completed entirely in only one session in our practice. Thereby high-precision restorations emerge that are a perfect fit in form and color to your natural teeth and thus deliver a highly aesthetic result.

How does the treatment with the CEREC-System run?

A CEREC treatment can be done in just one treatment session. First, the supplying tooth is ground, that means it is prepared for the inclusion of the restoration (e.g. for a partial crown). As little as possible of your tooth substance is removed, that means only decayed parts and/or the old filling. Now your individual tooth color is determined.

With the CEREC measuring camera, a three-dimensional precision recording is made of the treated tooth afterwards in only a few seconds. This method avoids a conventional impression, which makes many patients feel uncomfortable.

The screen will display the ceramic supply which can now be virtually constructed. Then the CEREC system grinds the restoration entirely automatically and with the utmost precision out of the ceramic block of the previously determined color in one piece. Then we customize the restoration in the mouth and carefully glue it to the tooth using a special material. A temporary supply is unnessassery through the direct production of the definitive supply. After the treatment, you can immediately begin eating and drinking again as usual.

What advantages does the CEREC-System provide for you?


CEREC all ceramic restorations are absolutely biocompatible and do not harm the human body. The triggering of allergies due to ceramics is unknown.


CEREC enables substance-friendly restorations. More natural and healthier tooth substance can be used with the application of ceramic than it can be with other materials.


CEREC all-ceramic is virtually invisible in the mouth thanks to perfect color matching. The crystals of the ceramic reflect and generate the incoming light. The so called “The chameleon effect” also features the natural tooth enamel. A perfect color match to the ambient tooth substance is made possible. Also, the extremely smooth surface of the ceramic supports this natural appearance.

Treatment comfort

CEREC restorations can be customized and integrated in a single treatment session without conventional impression. As a result, the manufacture of a temporary appliance is also cancelled. You can therefore immediately begin eating and drinking again.

Isolating effect

CEREC all-ceramic excludes unpleasant sensations with the ingestion of cold and hot drinks, similar to what one experiences with metalliferous treatments. The ceramic isolates the nerve from the outside stimuli.

Long Durability – High Stability

CEREC restoration has been validated in a diverse range of clinical studies – it can establish a very long durability and high stability. The physical features of the used ceramic match almost 99% of the natural tooth enamel, which is the hardest substance in the man-made body.
A special adhesive technique and the application of the dental dam enables a perfect and lasting connection between the tooth substance and the restoration.

So proves a long-term study over a period of 13 years, the superiority of the bonded CEREC restorations over conventionally cemented gold inlays.


The first CEREC restoration was made ​​in the year 1985th. Through adaptations and innovative further developments, the system could continually improve. In our practice, we have been successfully using the CEREC-system for over twenty years for the manufacture of aesthetic restoration and therefore, we possess the necessary expert knowledge through contact with this system.