Pediatric Dentistry

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Dr. Dr. Walter Mauser



  • 1956 Born in Erlangen
  • 1976 A-levels at the Marie-Therese-Gymnasium in Erlangen
  • 1982 Approval as a dentist at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen
  • 1982 Promotion to Dr. med. dent. at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen
  • 1983 Approval as a doctor at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen
  • 1984 Promotion to Dr. med. at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen
  • 1984-1987 Junior dentist time in Upper Baveria
  • Since 1987 in his own practice
  • 2001 Activity Emphasis Implantology BdiZ
  • 2003 Expert at the Consensus Conferense of Implantology
  • 2010 Permission to Operate a Digital Volume Tomography (DVT)
  • Member of the executive board of the ZBV Middle Franconbia, unit of GOZ and report
  • Delegate of the Bayerischen Landeszahnärztekammer (Bavarian Dental Association/Chamber)
  • Delegate of the Bundeszahnärztekammer (German Dental Association/Chamber)

Further Education:

An excerpt of my training:

  • 1985 Dysfunctional Suffering of the Masticatory Sytem, Prof. Dr. Krogh-Poulsen
  • 1989 Function Disturbances Therapy of the Masticatory Sytem in St. Moritz, Prof. Dr. Palla
  • 1989 Restorative Dentistry in Flims, Prof. Dr. Schärer
  • 1991 Dental Hygiene School Zurich Diagnostics and Therapy of Gum Disease
  • 1992 Function Disturbances Training Series in the Masticatory Sytem, Dr. Schubert, Prof. Dr. Bumann, G. Landeweer, Prof. Dr. Ewers
  • 1992 Oral Implantology in St. Moritz, Prof. Dr. Belser, Prof. Dr. Buser
  • 1994 Tooth colored posterior teeth fillings in Munich, Prof. Dr. Krejci
  • 1994 Total prosthetics in Munich, Prof. Dr. Gutowski
  • 1994 Boston Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in Periodontal Surgery, Dr. Nevins
  • 1995-1998 Assistant Training Series for the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Strub
  • 1995 Branemark Clinic in Gothenburg, Prof. Dr. Lekholm
  • 1995 Micro-surgery in Zurich , Prof. Dr. Hürzeler
  • 1996 Cerec in Zurich , Prof. Dr. Mörmann
  • 1996 European Academy of Ethetic Dentistry in St. Moritz, Prof. Dr. Schärer
  • 1998-2015 Scientific Congresses of the European Association of Osseointegration Aesthetic & Adhesive dentistry in Munich, Dr. Dietschi
  • 2000 Advanced International Studies in Plastik & Reconstructive Periodontal and Implant Therapy in Los Angeles, Dr. Jovanovic
  • 2002 Dry Mouth/xerostomia in Zurich , Dr. Koller
  • 2003 Europerio 4 in Berlin
  • 2004 Osteology Symposium in Lucern, Buser, Prof. Dr. Hämmerle
  • 2004 Piezo surgery in Periodontal and Oral Surgery, Dr. Dr. Vercellotti
  • 2005 Evidence Based Dentistry SSO in Basel, Dr. Ruggia
  • 2006 Implant Bed Preparation with Piezo Surgery in Tegernsee, Dr. Dr. Vercellotti
  • 2007 Ortho-Paro Connection in Lucern, Dr. Burkhardt
  • 2008 Adhesive Prosthetics, Veneers, Zirconium oxide, Alveolen Supply in Sylt, Prof. Dr. Kern, Dr. Brodbeck, Prof. Dr. Dr. Terheyden
  • 2009 All in Function of the Diagnostics and Therapy in Sylt, Prof. Dr. Kopp, Dr. Plato, G. Landeweer
  • 2009 Europerio 6 in Stockholm
  • 2009 3D-Diagnostics and Computerized Implantology in Munich, BdiZ
  • 2010 52th Training Session of the Dentist Chamber in Schleswig-Holstein “Teeth, how to maintain them, when to replace them?”
  • 2011 Pen-Endo Kongress in Nurnberg, Prof. Dr. Kim
  • 2011 Osteology Symposium in Cannes
  • 2012 Eoroperio 7 in Vienna
  • 2012 Cerec Master’s Course in Berlin
  • 2013 Update of Reconstructive Dentistry, Prof. Dr. Belser
  • 2014  Computerized Implantology in Munich, Dr. Cacaci
  • 2015 Training Course "Advanced Implantology Treatment" at the University of Zurich, Prof. Dr. Hämmerle
  • 2015 Europerio 8 in London